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Our technology

After we established Liposome business in 2005, we produce and sell contract production service for custom Liposomes, and research reagents.
Currently, we’re working for service of contract research / contract production respond customer requests that not only Liposomes but also LNP / SLN and other with manufacturing skills of various DDS technology.

Liposomes (PDF 4,377KB)
LNP (PDF 1,787KB)
Giant Liposomes (PDF 871KB)

Contract Research / Contract service

■Contract production service for Liposomes
 Research for Composition / Encapsulation / Surface modification
 Various assay of Liposomes
 We will take any kind of requests about Liposomes.

■Contract production of LNP
 We will produce composition of lipids with your requests of Nucleic acid which you have.

■Giant Liposomes
 Producing more than 1um as cell imitation Liposomes, and Giant Liposomes of 20~30 um.

■Liposome analysis
 Taking various analysis about Liposomes and other DDS materials what our costumer produced.

Liposomes related research reagents

 Easy to encapsulate to drug with using Liposome kit after freeze drying.
  → Application document(Encapsulating) (PDF 2,049KB)
  → Application document(Surface modification) (PDF 960KB)
 Please purchase from Funakoshi Co., Ltd.

 This is a reagent what is available to in vivo imaging using Targeting Liposomes.
  → Product leaflet (PDF 2,472KB)
  → GLYCOLIPO papers (PDF 166KB)

■Clodronate Liposome
 This is a reagent what is temporarily depleted Macrophage.
  → Product leaflet (PDF 3,433KB)
  → HYGIEIA Bioscience Brand (Funakoshi Co., Ltd.) products info (PDF 757KB)
  → Application document (PDF 2,303KB)
  → Clodronate Liposome papers(PDF 90KB)

Life science products

 We sell b FGF(recombinant Escherichia coli) as Supplements for Cell Culture.
  → General products leaflet (PDF 41KB) 
  → AF leaflet (PDF 65KB)
  → GMP leaflet (PDF 943KB)
  → Detail GMP products (PDF 2,406KB)

Contract service related to Life Science

■Contract of Freeze drying
 We will take freeze drying using the freeze dryer(Triomaster / FD-1000S).

■ELISA / Custom antibody (Custom ascites) / Cell assay
 Supporting tests of related to various biochemistry.

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