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Functional chemicals (phosphorus compounds)  

Various phosphorus compounds

We established easy synthesis method of organic phosphorus compounds.
Therefore, we can manufacture of various phosphorus compounds that has been hard.
Introduction of our functional phosphorus compounds.
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(Main uses : Non-halogen phosphorus flame-retardant, Additive of crosslinker, metal extractant)

Phosphoric acid derivatives
Other compounds
Synthesis technology

■Breakthrough synthesizing method for vinyl phosphorus compound that is easy and law price using a catalyst.
Conventionally, we need to use a high price catalyst or material of highly toxic with multi process for synthesizing Vinyl phosphonic acid esters.
Moreover, it was hard to offer for industrial products because that process was appeared a lot of biproducts and waste materials.
However, we solve the above problems by our establishing new synthesizing method with the catalyst.


We established new synthesis method using our original catalyst. The synthesis method has advantage of the below compare to conventional method.

①Low priced raw materials
Using a general industrial material which is cheaper and safer than conventional method.

②Simple reaction
New method is available to synthesize object just one-step process even conventional method needed multi-process.

③Safer and Easier process
It’s available to manufacture safer without almost waste materials because it doesn’t need to use highly poisonous phosgene.

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