Our Company


Representative Hideki Katayama, President
Founded on April 14, 1918
Incorporated August 9, 1948
Capital 30 million yen
Business lines ◆Dealer:
We sell and repair of physio-chemical, medical, and analytic instruments, as well as other devices and consumables
We manufacture and sell reagents/Chemical products・Contract production・Functional phosphorus chemicals・Life sciences
Major customers Private companies / Universities / Government offices
Number of employees 206 (113,male and 93 females) <As of August 1, 2021>
Headquarters 2-5-10, Dosho Machi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 541-0045, Japan [MAP]
TEL:+81-6-6203-3441 FAX:+81-6-6222-3804
Reference bank MUFG Bank / Osaka Sales Department
Juhachi-Shinwa Bank / Osaka Branch
Senshu Ikeda Bank / Dojima Branch

Company history

Since our founding, we have been involved in many fields chiefly centered on reagents.
By supplying reagents and related instruments needed for preventive medicine, environmental analysis, and biotechnology, we have been making our contribution to supporting people's health and shared well-being.
This being our goal, we make every effort to supply highly reliable products.

April 14, 1918 (Founding)
A shop was opened in Hirano Cho, Chuou Ward, Osaka, and named Inoue Chemical Medicine
February 1929
The company name was changed to Inoue Chemical Medicine Shop, a limited partnership
July 1932
The company name was again changed, this time to Katatayama Chemical Medicine Shop, a limited partnership
August 9, 1948年
Incorporated Company name changed to Katayama Chemicals Co., Ltd.
July 1951
The Amagasaki plant was opened at the current location
March 1958
The Amagasaki plant was approved as a JIS certified plant by MITI (the Ministry of International Trade and Industry), a ministry of the Japanese government
August 1963
The Okayama sales office was opened
October 1973
Construction of headquarter building was completed at the current location, and the company was moved in
June 1980
The Tokyo sales office was opened
July 1980
The Tokushima sales office was opened
September 1986
The Tsukuba sales office was opened
August 1989
The Sanda distribution center was opened
May 1991
The Ikeda sales office was opened
April 1997
The Yamaguchi sales office was opened
August 1997
The Okayama sales office was opened
February 1998
The Sanda plant was constructed
March 2001
An operating tie-up was made with Sigma Aldrich Japan
December 2001
The Toyama sales office was opened
May 2002
The Osaka sales office was opened
June 2002
A new warehouse was constructed on the Sanda business site
May 2003
The Kanagawa sales office was opened
Feburary 2004
The Kobe R&D center was opened
August 2004
The Amagasaki plant recelved ISO9001 certificatgion
March 2007
Moved the Tokushima sales office to current location
March 2007
The Minoh site was opened
August 2010
The Kanagawa sales office was opened
April 2018
The Hikari sales office was opened
April 2018
Celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding
January 2021
Moved the Kanagawa sales office to current location