CSR Action Guideline

We strictly follow the relevant laws and regulation, also we have high corporate ethics and the strong sense of mission.
We fulfill social responsibility as the company gets involved lives.


We follow every laws, regulations, notification, administrative guidance and other rules related our business.

Corporate Ethics and Fair competition

We never engage in corruption, extortion, embezzlement, and bribery. In addition, we will not be involved in any other illegal solicitation, regardless of whether it is in the private or public sector.
We understand Corrupt Practices Act and Unfair competition prevention act, we will thorough training to develop sincere employees who will not engage in unfair business practices that are not based on fair and reasonable standards.

Confidential and personal information

We properly manage and protect confidential information that we received from customers, suppliers, and other related parties.
We also properly manage and protect the personal information of our employees, customers, suppliers, and other related parties.

Provision of Valuable Products and Service

We keep in mind of useful information provision and suggestion for research promotion of customers.
We also keep providing stably products and service that lets satisfaction and trust from customer with reasonable price.
In addition, we will always strive to conduct fair, equitable, transparent, and honest transactions with suppliers of products and raw materials.

Respect for human rights and health and safety

We render to protect our employees of human rights, respects personal diversity, personality, individuality, and provide safety and comfortable working environment without discrimination and harassment.
We work on making working environment without dangerous and physical load of chemical, biologically, and physically.
We also prepare to take measures for mitigation of leakage of chemicals, prevention of explosion.

Environmental Conservation

Based on established environmental policy, “We declare that we will reaffirm the preciousness of the earth filled with water, light and wind, and we will actively promote our business activities with the aim of reducing the environmental burden and harmonizing with the living environment,” we will conduct our business activities in a responsible and efficient manner to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Prevention of transactions with antisocial forces

We never have relationship with antisocial forces or groups suspected of being antisocial forces, and never conduct antisocial transaction.
We also provide thorough employee education through company training.

Effective relationships with stakeholders

We value communication with our stakeholders “Customers, Suppliers, financial institution, community, shareholders, employees, etc.” in business activities. We will disclose corporate information in fairly without delay that we should publish.

Thorough of action guidelines

Top management is leading example of this action guideline for thorough themselves, also let suppliers know. In addition to establishing a system for reporting illegal, improper, or inappropriate behavior related to business activities, also if violate these action guidelines is confirmed, top management will take corrective action to preventive measure.



SDGs is an abbreviation of Sustainable Development Goals. This is the "17 International Goals and 169 Targets for Achieving Sustainable, Diverse and Inclusive Societies by 2030" adopted by all 193 member countries at the UN Summit in September 2015.
We also agree concept of SDGs, especially we focus on possible to make strong points and specialty of dealer / manufacturer, as connected to solving social issues.

We especially focus on 3 Goals

SDGs3番 Dealer conducts research supporting for Pharmaceutical companies, universities, government offices based on “Passing on the creative spirit to next generations”.
We think that according each needs of appropriate research support will connect to leading edge R&D.
SDGs9番 Manufacturer is processing R&D of functional Phosphorus compound and products of related to Liposomes based on “Passing on the creative spirit to next generations”.
Our products are mainly raw-materials, so our name is few time to stand out.
However, we think the result must connect leading edge industry and creating fundamental technological innovation for Life science.
SDGs17番 We think possible to contribute to creating the prosperous world for both self and others if we can trust and help each other with all suppliers and creating and providing “valuable skills, valuable products, and providing valuable service” in management philosophy.
We will do our best to be able to "Maximum efficiency"("SEIRYOKUZENYOU" in japanese) and "Mutual welfare and benefit"("JITAKYOUEI" in japanese) and we will surely respond requests and expectations from everyone.