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Policy on preserving your privacy

Katayama Chemical may have to ask you to submit valuable information in order to offer you our products and services. When handling this private information, we understand that we have the duty to use our utmost care to preserve and safely manage that information. Therefore, we hereby declare that we will handle all private information following the principles stated below, and will conduct our business activities following these principles.

  • The collection and use of private information
    We collect private information using only appropriate methods, and use for this information only with the purpose of providing our services to our customers. We will not disclose or pass along any private information we obtain to any 3rd party, without a justifiable reason.
  • Policy on securing private information
    We will take the necessary safety measures to prevent illegal access to or leaks of private information, loss, damage, or modification. If these methods need improvement, we will take steps immediately to improve our system, to prevent any accidents.
  • Obeying the rules, regulations, and other norms concerning the preservation of private information
    Katayama Chemical always obeys the rules, regulations, and other norms concerning the preservation of private information.
  • Training about handling private information
    Katayama Chemical will make effort to see that all of our staff members handling private information have sufficient knowledge of safe handling.
  • Private information contact desk
    If you want to inquire about our safeguards for preserving the private information we obtained from customers, or if you have any requests about your registered private information, including corrections, changes, deletions, or complete removal from our database, please contact the Private Information Preservation Support Desk at the address below. We will comply with your requirements in a timely and appropriate fashion.

Private Information Preservation Support Desk
email address:

Established on June 1, 2008
Hideki Katamaya, President

Our website privacy policy

Katayama Chemical has established the following policies, applicable to our website, regarding respecting the privacy of individuals.

  • Use purpose of the private information collected 
    Private information obtained from our customers through our website will be used for the purpose of offering optimum service to the customers.
  • Security policy and maintaining the correctness of private information
    We will take rational and appropriate safety measures to prevent illegal outside access to or leaks of private information, and prevent loss, damage, or modification of the information. If these measures need improvement, we will immediately take steps to improve or system and prevent such events.
  • HTTP cookies
    We may set cookies when people access our website. These cookies are used to make our website more convenient for users to read, and for statistical analysis of our usage. If we set cookies, we will not infringe upon our customers' privacy. You can set your web browser to refuse these cookies.
  • Access log
    Access log This website keeps an access log of hits. The access log includes the domain name, IP address, type of browser used, date and time of access, and the original resources that linked to our site. However, the logs do not contain any information that can identify individuals. The access log will be used only for maintenance and management of the website and statistic analysis of its use. It will not be used for any other purposes than those stated here.
  • Scope of application of these policies
    These policies apply only to our website. They do not apply to any other website you may have used to link to our website. Regarding such other websites, please consult the corporation that owns the website about their policies.
  • Revision of our private information preservation policies and website privacy policy
    If there is any important change concerning private information preservation policies or website privacy policies, we will announce them on our website. Check the latest information on our updated website for news of minor changes. We will be not liable for problems caused by your not knowing about such changes.